Vault Hunters SMP | 1 | A DREAM TEAM!


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    Vault Hunters SMP | 1 | A DREAM TEAM! this is it! Minecraft VAULT HUNTERS, the modpack like no other modpack for Minecraft 1.16.4
    Modded Minecraft at it's peak!
    Vault Hunters will be available to the public once it is in release stage, currently it is in Alpha and we are aiming to have it in release in early January 2021.
    TWITTER: iskall85
    Play MINECRAFT in the best community ever! Join my Patreon today, loads of different servers to play on and a massive family of friends!
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    1. Zachary McPhee

      When I enter vaults on my own server enemies inside have netherite swords with sharpness five. I tried to watch this to get some tips but this playthrough is not displaying nearly the same level of difficulty.

    2. identity crisis tf2 pyro

      Some would call them adventurers,others call them fools. I like to call them,Vault Hunters

    3. Planet Infinity

      Is this bases off borderlands by any chance?

    4. jarne delarue

      Watching this back to play vh myself, it feels like So much has changed!

    5. Werner Paver

      Where do you get info about this stuff????... Been watching Hermitcraft whole time....

    6. B0tPlayZ

      Where can i get this modpack? (if i can anyways)

    7. Horatio yen

      what's with the new profile pic?

    8. CreeperLuke MineCraft

      Me: Seen dream team on title My first thought: OMG Iskall your in the dream smp!?

      1. Free Melons

        to be fair, he was a guess

    9. confusedperson #4325


    10. KhillikiaLea W

      Totally brilliant. Amazingly interesting and creative. Love it 🥰

    11. Tornado Taylor

      Is this just borderlands? (i have the games but didnt get very far)

    12. Jelxy's

      Honestly LOVING this so far. Hope there is a public release!

    13. Joseph Rafiq

    14. Diogo Corigo

      Man... I missed watching Iskall. i've lost a bit of interest in minecraft and stopped watching the youtubers. I'm just glad the passion for the game as returned

    15. Anacanda pro4

      Are you playing buy your self

      1. Anacanda pro4


    16. Admiral Falco

      Minecraft: Releases Dungeons Iskall: I reject your reality and substitute my own

    17. Admiral Falco

      Iskall: Is pro minecrafter Also Iskall: Pig Structure XD loving it. I feel akin to this on so many levels. Computer Scientist. Often Cant remember that a row is called a row

    18. Luke Peaire [Student]

      what modpack or mod list is this series

      1. Thomas McBride

        Its iskalls custom modpack. You can find a lot of the mods on curseforge or something, but the main mod is one iskall and his devs made, called The Vault. He will release it soon, so everyone can play it.

    19. Potato Lord

      So like stolen from borderlands lol the book is basically worse Marcus love iskall but I mean it’s borderlands vault hunter vaults Edit:I edited iskalls name i spelt it wrong

    20. Nojus Markūnas

      Its about to be end of january still no mod :( but i enjoy ur streams anyway

    21. ScooterFett

      Is it me or is he playing minecraft-bordelands???

    22. IndigoGollum

      What mod did you use to pick up villagers?

      1. Thomas McBride

        Its called the easy villagers mod. Here it is on minecraft mods website.,by%20right%2Dclicking%20the%20ground!

    23. Bik Movie

      how can i play vault hunters

    24. ZTK Niko


    25. Gavin Earl

      where can i download this modpack

      1. Thomas McBride

        Its not out yet.

    26. n

      Tgis is like the diversity series of packs

    27. Reio_Star

      Just for futures sake, what is the minimum ram requirment to run this modpack?

    28. Landon Ross

      thanks for making me look for the other mods myself!

    29. Yoel Badi

      i love your screen perspective compared to other youtubers, everything is big and clear

    30. Mann dra

      6:33 that's some cursed hay placement there

    31. Dat kool gui

      Iskall rage 0-0 8:09

    32. xstrktu

      9:55 what is this mod ? Pls "HELP"

    33. Ryan Sz.

      23:21 "boob!"

    34. Sammie _

      Will this be a pack available to everyone at some point? It looks so amazing 🥺

    35. Braeden Stewart

      poor poor cicero separated from the nightmother in a box of his own

    36. meow rawr x3

      Is there a way to watch a stream recording rather than the highlights?

    37. Addison Martin

      Well also you could have written the books a bit better!

    38. Freddie Moralee

      Anyone know what technology mudpack VaultHunters uses or is it made by the coders of Vaulthunters.

    39. Caio Eduardo De Almeida Cruz

      This modpack is really cool

    40. Sapphire Phoenix

      UWU ;)😘

    41. PugMaster48

      Petition for- Literally everyone reading this: NO!!!

    42. Reet

      *And if you die in the vault...* _You die in real life?_

    43. Reet

      They really need to nerf that ground pound

    44. soviet union

      witch modes did you use

    45. Ahmed Usman

      How I get in to arena

    46. Xargon Bloodscale

      Is the whole title and, somewhat, premise, at all related to Borderlands? Since the protagonists in those games are called Vault Hunters and do, in fact, collect relics to open vaults.

    47. Erica Smith

      Your screen is really bright could you possibly ower the brightness

    48. Thomas Kain

      Bahahaha! That stream integration is easily the strangest and most interesting way to involve people in a Twitch stream for Minecraft. I just hope it doesn't interrupt the stream too much - it's a neat gimmick but it takes quite a while. *Edit:* lol do the sub vending machines technically count as microtransactions

    49. Paul Kuch

      Someone is a Darth Bane fan! Orbalisk?? Love it

    50. Epic World

      How do you get this mod

    51. Miles Peters

      New borderlands dlc looking sweet!

    52. Connor Southway

      I missed your modded minecraft

    53. gonebloodypsycho

      This has nothing to do with borderlands???

    54. Noah Granger

      where can one aquire this mod

    55. PolarSlime7


    56. Samuel Beveridge

      Will you still do hearmetcraft

    57. Avocat Atomique

      Isn't this the meteorite from applied energistics ?

    58. w0t3rdog

      Everybody: sees Iskall pick up a villager Mumbo: droooooool

    59. Wz3e127

      Whats name of the iskalls New timlapse music?

    60. Drdoom86 Li

      Is he the 2nd male siren Insert bl3 reference check

    61. ChiefUgGaming

      This reminds me of borderlands

    62. Pingas40000

      An elaborate way of Iskall to get Bits, Subs and Donations

    63. plaguey playz

      i can play minecraft one handed

    64. I am S.J

      It has vault in it's name, but mumbo is not playing it?

    65. Sjouke Duinstra

      What launcher is this on?

    66. Sjouke Duinstra

      is Tinkers construct in that mod pack? thats one of my favorite mods

    67. SirShabby the Reactionary

      13:00 how gloriously incandescent

    68. Jill Torn


    69. Lóránt Papp

      Borderlands in minecraft? Sign me up

    70. Nathaniel Gibson

      what button is it to organise the chest ?

    71. Connor McIntire

      This is such a cool idea! I can't wait for more Vault Hunters videos!

    72. Mew Maotai


    73. Michael Freegard

      Minecraft borderlands

    74. Leonardo Travinci

      Is this based off of borderlands? I mean he’s called A Vault hunter.

    75. FnafgamerBoi !!!

      Please make a playlist.

    76. Blazing Productions

      the vaults should have had a mumbo style vault door at the start of every vault

    77. Megan K

      iskall missed a diamond block in the vault :(

    78. Sjonie Debacker

      what modpack does he play?

    79. no name

      This is ingenious, the big brain money making scheme.

    80. Leane Jooste

      Did anyone else notice that spabby was wearing a knight solaire

    81. EOL

      Is there a similar modpack like this without the twitch things?

    82. Devlin Henderson

      Mumbo gonna love this

    83. Alexander Zangal

      I’m still sad foolcraft died...

    84. Jonathan Kinrade

      I have no idea what’s going on

    85. Clypz

      This is soooo cool

    86. Kai Spaulding

      do more of these

    87. jonah sweet

      i normally hate modded series but damn i love this

    88. Cartertheraptor

      Awesome video!!! 12/20/20 9:02 AM

    89. Hetzy

      who else just saw.. SMP, and DREAM TEAM lol

    90. Diptesh

      3:36 only legends noticed 😵😵😵

    91. Luke

      Anyone know what biome he built his base in? thanks

    92. ρσιѕσиArts

      You should add a "Trader Circuit Bag" so the circuits don't clutter up your inventory

    93. Bouji_ Ben

      I love watching his cud’s

    94. K I N G K E V Z

      What does SMP stands for?

      1. Kingthere

        survival multiplayer

    95. Karren Eleuthera Sieglind

      I don't want to subscribe Because you didn't join Myclium resistance

    96. Karren Eleuthera Sieglind

      Do you still play hermitcraf?

    97. WhiteEagle pioneer

      i wonder if they made the boss OP in purpose?

    98. mohammad yousif

      Hey Iskall85 I really like bdubs doirte trone

      1. mohammad yousif

        What are you talking about

      2. mohammad yousif

        Me too

      3. mohammad yousif

        Yes I agree

      4. mohammad yousif

        Yes it does look good

    99. Olnor

      *completely ignores cow egg* yeah squid is good

    100. Keely sigleT