So... I pranked MumboJumbo - HERMITCRAFT 7: 67½


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    So... I pranked MumboJumbo - HERMITCRAFT 7: 67½
    iskall shows ALL the blueprints he made for PACIFIC. As he miss edited episode 67 of HermitCraft, this is the missing bits! - Sorry about the misstake, but moar content!
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    1. Cody Lieuallen

      my life would not be complete without this episode

    2. Eagle Dan

      Mumbo looks kind of distressed on the last one 🤣

    3. CARROT 94

      Iskall: Hello there Me: General Kenobi

    4. Josh Davis

      2:04 “we have got, we have got, some cOoKiEs” the way he says cookies is somehow funny to me

    5. Ashen' Mist

      MuscleMAN and MiniMustache

    6. The Z Family

      Hey im from future

    7. Isla Playz

      Sahara 2.0

    8. The Geat King

      I still think it should be called oasis

    9. redzepplin

      *Alternate Title: Hermitcraft 7 ep 67 and 3/4.*

    10. David Englund

      it's cool, I saw it on mumbo's vid anyway

    11. Chris Barber

      Iskall someone is stealing your content and reposting it

    12. Foo Lessig

      I knew that you forgot to show the rest of the blueprints but I thought the Mumbo was just gonna show the other half

    13. dillydollydreadful


    14. Robin Wenner

      Episode 67 and 67 1/2 are one of the funniest I have ever seen🤣🤣

    15. Larrythe Cheata

      :) hallo there

    16. The gallifreyan photographer

      When’s grian joining!!!! This feels like Sahara but with less grian!!! Mumbo even accidentally said “Sahara” instead of pacific in this vid

    17. SimonOpsi

      How did I miss this?

    18. William Cantrell

      What if you had a bubble elevator, or a flying elevator that stops on a floor they choose.

    19. Bushy

      Hej hej

    20. Thomas Garbutt

      If your wondering about the new vid it’s coming out in 10 minutes

    21. Joylime _322

      Iskall please be aware. Someone is uploading your content.

      1. Joylime _322

        It's not just that video. It's a whole bunch of them.

    22. Noel Hellberg

      Ive been constantly every day morning and afternoon checked for a new episode i want do badly see when pasific constructs. But it is never coming. Please upload a bit ofter Iskall and if you need help I can help you edit ;). I of course work for free ;). I just wanted to tell u i am so exited for pasific! And will countinue check if you uploaded something new, at least twice a day :)

    23. Lucas Larsen

      Iskaalllll.. is everything alright? No videos for almost a week 🥺

    24. Andrew D'Alleva

      Someone is uploading your videos as their own and uploading the entire thing unedited Here is a link to their channel

    25. 鬼Retrowave

      . /?

    26. Savannah Atkinson

      Your friendship delights me.

    27. Aleksa Rajovic

      Where is the video

    28. The Coon

      Iskall where is you nee video🥺

    29. Filip Gambiraza

      Where is the new video

    30. Rocky Balboa

      Ur voice is beutiful

    31. UnseenGamer646

      Change the company name to Poggers and Co. Plz.

    32. JoshySickoMode

      Watched it on Mumbo’s channel, all good here

    33. Παναγιώτης Τσιφτσής

      iskaaaaaall!!! we need more videos and live streams from you man! I m locked down at home due to corona virus and I m going crazy!!! :P

    34. Sakai Tama

      You totally should do more half episodes with some non included in the main episode footage (like things that you didn’t 100% want to make the original cut)

    35. Youthful Green Beast

      Invite Grian to Pacific

    36. Kye Merrell

      Plot twist: iskall did this on purpose to get even more ad revenue. Genius really

      1. Tarannum Morshed


    37. babachoochoo

      I thought I just blacked out for like 5 mins and missed that part lmao

    38. CosbyLoses

      Are you going to join the other swede Papa Pewds and join the 100 million club? lol

    39. fPlobs

      Alternative title: PRANKING MUSTACHIO’D MAN [GONE WRONG❌💯💢💢❌⭕️🚫🚫💯❌❕❕❕❗️❗️❗️🚫☹️☹️🥵😡😳😳]

    40. Berly Alive gaming


      1. Berly Alive gaming


      2. Berly Alive gaming


    41. iiKwqkU

    42. iiKwqkU

      Is kale auto corrected from iskall

    43. Derpy Dude

      Iskall should invite Grian Autocorrect grain

      1. Anavay Mudholkar

        Grian said that he was busy in the mycellium resistance stuff so he can’t join

    44. Yantan Tethera

      Hohoho!(haha sounds a bit ill mannered!)

    45. maxxy sitlhou

      Looks like mumbo spent all the profit on drugs

    46. Steel- XL

      From Sahara to Pacific.

    47. Rilandas

      Oh, btw! 4th slide: Mumbo and Iskall paying money to build the shop 5th slide: Mumbo and Iskall with nothing, but friendship left on a naked beach.

    48. Rilandas

      Iskall, if you are building high up, why not use top floors as storage and just spit items on customer's heads?

    49. haim fisch

      Please include grian in the empire. itll be so much fun that way. i remember how much fun sahara was and i as welll as many other viewers id assume strive to see that again!

    50. Smirkyspade3699

      Minecraft kingdomcraft 2?

    51. Dark Lord

      I thought the 3rd blue bring was Items > tnt Minecraft > grian > diamonds repeat

    52. Einav Brent


    53. LAFter900

      Does anyone know what software iskall uses for recording and editing?

    54. Josh Guo

      Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    55. micah Furst

      Don’t sweat it mumbo-jumbo showed it on his channel it’s ok

    56. Mournclaw

      I just thought it was a half-secret spoilery stuff or something :P

    57. cool guy

      Thank you for making this possible

    58. cool guy


    59. Footde Coulde

      Saw it in mumbos clip lok

    60. Dominic and Robyn Flynn

      when will Sahara be back

    61. WillDaBeast

      Its Scar with a comically large spoon

    62. Talmiior

      I was gonna suggest using donkeys as shopping carts... but there's no way to unload them without the player doing it manually...

    63. Armydillo 101

      Didn’t know this was going to be a shipping company

    64. Lizzie - Beth

      I was so confused, as I was positive I've seen this before.... Turns out, I've seen Mumbo's POV 😂

    65. Alex Schwegmann

      Hey iskall can you think about dantdm being a hermit next season

    66. Laura Close

      You should use boats on ice for shopping carts! Like-so iskall sees!

    67. Ultimate Scripted


    68. Deactive0lto

      Get grian to join

    69. fergus hebbert

      no one expects the iskallian inquisition

    70. Lego Bros MOCS and Reviews

      just saw this! very very surprised but happy

    71. BogeyBoiPlays


    72. Gangster Style


    73. Rayan Vij


    74. James Staab

      Iskall! I have a suggestion. You should ask Rendog or Grian to sponsor the construction of the tower. Rendog or Grian because their shops make lots of diamonds

    75. Ssl0th

      Number 69 better be the best episode you have ever produced for Hermitcraft

    76. sweekar acharya

      for the pacific shopping donkey and lead will be the best idea for shopping cart

    77. Jonathan Bishop

      Does the pile of profits have a gorilla face to anyone else?

    78. Nicholas Dignan

      The reveal of that last blueprint though...

    79. Jan Vafa

      I was a bit perplexed... but figured it was going to be a surprise!

    80. Joseph Norton

      Seen it on Mumbos. :) I was wondering about it though.

    81. Joseph Andrews

      yeeessss iskall

    82. Chad Crafty

      Love your Videos Iskall Your my Faviorut Mincrafter ever


      so i was clickbaited

    84. 1gcsxbv grwcbhf d

      Mistakes happen :)

    85. The tallest comment

      Day 1 of asking Iskall to invite grian to Pacific to bring back sahara

    86. black wing

      Iskall half episode = 12

    87. I eat CEREAL!!!

      Eat your cereal

    88. Khyla Wiltshire-Mateer

      did mumbo pronounce muscly as mus-kull-ee rather than muss-ull-ee or am i tripping

    89. PoisonStone

      Can you attach a lead to a mob in a minecart to drag it along?

    90. Exosphere90

      *Laughs in Iskallian* xDDD

    91. Noah B.

      3:33 The MumboPig.

    92. d williams

      how is that s prank?

    93. Charlie Fusong Chen

      When will you finish your nether base? Aka the hole in the bedrock that impulse blew up for you?

    94. Hammitor

      Hey Iskall, can you do a tour of the omega tree with rtx enabled? I just looked your old video reviewing the half done omega tree

    95. Styla

      very happy that you showed us these scenes :D

    96. Mike Beathe

      Don’t wory, mumbo showed the whole thing with no clips 😃😃

    97. HINYO Productions


    98. Abdash12

      You should make the skyscraper a gigantic Squidward house

    99. Vincenz Krueder


    100. Dead game

      Iskall: make a shopping cart Horses with chest: am i a joke to you?

      1. Dead game

        Oooh i thought they could

      2. IndigoGollum

        Llamas or donkeys. Horses can't hold chests. Mules might be able to.