HermitCraft 7: 56 | THE ROAD WITH SECRETS


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    HermitCraft 7: 56 | THE ROAD WITH SECRETS
    Iskall discovers that there is a big competition on the hermitcraft server, the mayor is giving away "MASSES" of diamonds to the best road. So, iskall gets to the task, creates secrets.
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    1. 67 Alaska

      Iskall! You have the most creative thinking mind! Only you can see a grumpy hamster from the micro ender chest block :P

    2. Michael McArthur

      I'd gladly pay a stack of diamonds for a netyer tunnel like that!

    3. James Smith

      Etho smells like beef and beef smells like maple syrup. They are both Canadian lol

    4. Chuckendog gamez

      “I hate diorite it’s corse, ugly and-“ *internet cuts out*

    5. paul terrasi


    6. Zotero Disuke

      iskall you should walk on the iron trap door

    7. ᗩYTOᗩᗪ

      Honestly iskall... speak up. I need full volume to hear you

    8. michael Suravilla


    9. Uniwolf gamer

      Unluckiest hermit to have played decked out

    10. Onuba Kingston-Castro

      So the rails are iskall's idea . I've been looking for who did it 😂😂

    11. Atticus BOCQUET

      Get mumbo to do it with you

    12. Leo Wai

      How does Iskall have a dragon head???

    13. Taha Ali

      Distraction iminent

    14. Maggie Polo


    15. Miroslav Vosmera


    16. Christian Moreno


    17. Veronika Danilin


    18. Kdkd Jiidw


    19. Donavon Mouton


    20. Science Worldz

      You can take Stressmonster 101 or Mumbo Jumbo as your team mate.

    21. bender troll


    22. Paul Lessard

      Not gonna lie, when the villager with the dragon head started moving, I definitely actually laughed out loud.

    23. Kiara Adoni

      I don't think Iskall realized in this video that the 'armour-stand-Iskall' is being tortured with a claustrophobic room of diorite

    24. Keith Xin

      9:28 ISKALL YOU OK?

    25. Xtremeredninja

      Hey Iskall, I haven't watched the series fully yet, but seriously, make it Etho smells like beef and fish

    26. Alex Schwegmann

      RIP 😥

    27. Lukas Nogueira

      5:41, 11:57

    28. JoAnna Morris

      Your elytra has 1/432 durability left, and it has mending on it *_Like so iskall can see_*

    29. -Uncle_Iroh -

      I love the Star Wars reference

    30. Mayor, Danielle Andrie M.


    31. phyruss playz

      No reaction 🤣 rip diamond pickaxe

    32. Agelessorca

      Iskall putting on that dragon head gave me a real flashback to season 6

    33. Greta Hall

      When will the world be able to download?

      1. Agelessorca

        After the season is over

    34. WG

      Grian Made this whit THE coments BEEF

    35. Sam Couzens

      Hang on what did the E used to spell

      1. Agelessorca

        Just E

    36. YOU CLOD

      Join the mycelium resistance.

    37. Shnoz Bub

      Name the road the broad

    38. Doppelpunktdrei

      I feel like hermits like to pass tasks to others. Cleo: i need to collect heads... wait no... the other hermits are gonna collect heads! Iskall: i have to collect an omega amount of leaves. Or others collect the leaves for me! Scar: I promised to build roads didn't I? Well how about all the other hermits design them for me?

    39. dragendhur Gaming

      starrwaarssss referencceeee :))))))

    40. vipul rupareliya

      12:42 why would throw your pick into fire?!

      1. Agelessorca

        He throws pickaxes that have been used to mine diorite into the fire

    41. Darth Makroth

      I was thinking armour stands but of course you thought villagers lol

    42. Jose Janlofre Dy


    43. Just A Regular Toaster

      At this point i'd just say screw it. Anyone wanna buy 2 keys?

    44. Random User

      Ethos smells like beef wellington

    45. Necessary_ Momentum

      why did iskall thow his diamond pickaxe into the fire!? 12:40

    46. Hopefully Ivie

      By the end of the season there would be a whole article refering to what Etho smells like

    47. karen gracie

      You really hate diorite. After you threw all the diorite down and burned it you got rid of the pickaxe because it was “contaminated”

    48. xXjesperoXx

      An elytra nightmare... An elytmare, if you will

    49. Coolkid Jensen

      Make it look like scar is chasing a mycelium block.

    50. AOUA Association

      Hey iskall pls fix that rode patch... Okay now Iskall you need to fix that right now he knows you know they all know just pls pls pls... fix it and let’s keep this our little secret

      1. AOUA Association

        *cough *cough ROAD

    51. Katie Diehr

      Add street signs to the purple road!

    52. Candy

      12:40 are we all just going to ignore that he threw his pickaxe into the fire??!

    53. Andrea Belotti

      Rename a head like, hey come to visit omega store, or omega store is amazing, put on a armor stand and let it go with a kart..

    54. Josh Allen

      You earned a like for that star wars quote

    55. Geoffrey Olsen

      Grian: **makes the word beef with diorite** Iskall: **intense hurting** Grian who just finished making the map: **intense hurting**

    56. Manthan Shah

      mumbo and iskall......THE MASTERS OF GEETING SIDE-TRACKED!

    57. Nani Farras

      21:42 *FAT L*

    58. Jayden Lopez

      Grain did that

    59. Braxton King

      make a bank for the hermets

    60. Mikedabest

      You should add a word every ep from the comments

    61. Artifex_Amanda Lastname

      Shulker heads are cute

    62. Alex with a halo

      Put trees hanging over the road and 2D buildings

    63. Eroth Gaming

      E tho smells like BEEF and BEEF SMELLS LIKE (ran out of ideas, you can continue it yourself in the comments, i'll make sure to edit this one)

    64. debblez

      Iskall gradually shifting toward low brow, child friendly content makes me depressed

    65. magnesium rotmg

      Iskall has a green sans eye

    66. Shazba

      I really like the idea of having the hermits heads going around, or maybe purple heads to signify it is the purple road like tango did with the red road. But someone also though of the idea of adding colorful blocks around the place so it looks like the pac man game

    67. no you

      12:30 You are strong and wise, Iskall, and I am very proud of you.

    68. ꧁༺Froxity༻꧂

      Me:throw my diamond pick axe 😭😭😭 Iskal:just throwing some diarietes and accedently throw my diamond pick axe welp this is fun😑

    69. Courtney Knox

      Etho smells like ᗷέεƑ and

    70. Itgdhh Playz

      And they need nametags or else they will despawn

    71. Itgdhh Playz

      Grian added the beef and wondered why there is things travelling on the roads

    72. Galaxy Yeets


    73. Omega Ultra

      12:35 Nice Star Wars reference

    74. Zach Mac

      Dude, you KNOW your a hermit when you have enchanted flint and steel.

    75. Ninjao_yourninjabro

      1:03 General Kenobi

    76. Goldenjuice Box

      Welcome brother to micelum...

    77. Full_superior

      Why does he wear Diamond leggings ??

    78. BlueFox Square

      "If you want to run, run! If you want to cart, cart! If you want to boat, boat! AND, if you want to fly, then fly! And do it in style, in a completely mob proofed area..." 😉 - Hyperlink Advert, 2020 (All said in an air hostess' voice)

    79. Jefferson Roby

      Do a cat scar loves them and has cat villagers at his base and thinks they are really funny

    80. Hamda Al hammadi

      Etho smells like BEEF and chicken wings

    81. Shäđøw Pläýs

      Buy mycelium from the barge

    82. Total Citron

      favourite road so far

    83. Malcolm Mackenzie

      Just burns his enchanted diamond pickaxe

    84. David Zelig Music

      Don't jump at the iron trapdoors. just walk.

    85. Matilda

      Why did he burn his pickaxe??!!

    86. Jarrod Spinazzola

      And ren and grian are teaming up to win the pile of beacons,gold,diamonds and netherite

    87. Jarrod Spinazzola

      Mumbo jumbo made da vault under the mayor's mycelium throne it was funny da vault was right under

    88. Robinhood 02

      J O I N T H E M Y C E L I E M R E S I S T A N C E

    89. Bubba Dennis

      Hey Iskall, you can just use armor stands instead of villagers.

    90. Cole Ditmer

      Etho smells like beef and balconie

    91. monkey_noodle007

      Iskall does realize original means his own new design not like an old classic.

    92. GroguTheKid

      What do you call a fly without wings? A walk...

    93. Is Kungen

      Is it just me or does anyone else also think the plain road looks good?

    94. Ak'hasshativeritsol

      "I decided it would be really cool to incorporate it into the road, and let it spread a little bit." ISKALL HAS JOINED THE MYCELIUM RESISTANCE!!!

    95. Luke Phipps [Student]

      Iskall plz see this. Scar is choseing the winer of the road, he’s a great builder if you want to win add some colour and lots of texture. That’s what scar would do and obviously he likes his own style . Maybe like little hedges on the sides and put cat/ocelot heads on the villagers, scar did that in his old base and he really likes it, you’ll get points for that. BTW the prize is the road pass profit aka a lot of diamonds. Good luck!🤞

    96. peermoon

      You should try to put Pigs with saddles or Horses into the minecarts in the road for travelling purposes. Thats very technical!

    97. Nicole LaBoyne

      Beef and Wels is team beef Wellington

    98. Nicole LaBoyne

      The way he read illustrious is hilarious to me, he just deflates.

    99. Mandar Barai

      i get a notification of this episode 4 days later after it uploaded very very very very very very bad notification system

    100. Daniel W.

      Thx for the good laugh👍😄