HermitCraft 7: 78 | iskallMAN's SECRET deed...


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    HermitCraft 7: 78 | iskallMAN's SECRET deed...
    iskall has got a plan for the omega tree of doom. iskallMAN shows up and a camp is built before iskallMAN goes on a BIG SECRET DEED run! VintageBeef is also introduced to TommyBoi
    Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
    Jono's IskallMAN Official Music Video: fiblock.info/face/videot/hKt8oI-lYnO1iYo.html&ab_channel=jono
    TWITTER: iskall85
    LIVE STREAMS: www.twitch.tv/iskall85
    Play MINECRAFT in the best community ever! Join my Patreon today, loads of different servers to play on and a massive family of friends!
    ► www.patreon.com/iskall85
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    1. Balder Fladen-Henriksen

      He alvays have something at the end. LOL


      Im like a month late but with the swap does beef get iskalls vault?

    3. Pablo Esteban

      It looks well and natural some of the wood getting visible

    4. Bread with White paint on it

      Unintentional pun you made: “You know, i just can’t leave it!” *places leaves*

    5. MPA17 Studios

      I love you!!

    6. Alijah Najarian

      All the viewers when he doesn't upload for a month. What happend? is he dead???

    7. Pillow thief

      Remember when iskall played hermitcraft

    8. PlayZ

      I am

    9. PlayZ

      Yeah right

    10. Markus Eklund

      Is he up to something huge?


      Who else waiting for another ep

    12. Tekwani Creations

      When the world needed him the most he disappeared 😣😣

    13. jonathan Rivera angot

      Its been a month

    14. jonathan Rivera angot


    15. Gogobim

      Iscal is definitely dead

    16. Shaso1000

      I miss iskals videos

    17. David Nguyen

      Do they ever like let us know why they aren't on for a month i feel like the entire hermit craft thing is dead at this point

      1. Endex

        He made a community post.

    18. Darth Abood

      Where is iskall

      1. Darth Abood

        Is iskall even streaming on twitch

    19. The Kronicles

      Did This Guy Retire?

    20. Neem Dion

      Vault smp exists Hermitcraft exists in the same world iskall:Huh whats hermitcraft i forgot

    21. 눈_눈

      WHERE UPLOAD ??!??!?!?

    22. Ahmad Sidat

      Oh no, I think he’s gone to get milk

    23. Ånund Myhren

      I came here cuz i miss his voice. It's like hearing a long lost friend...

      1. Noncrayfish 293

        But he's posted now

    24. ThooMas74

      we miss you mate

    25. jarne Stulens

      Can you please do hermitcraft again. I really miss it and I think beef mises his Base.

    26. Thomas Atkinson

      Why no post

    27. Autumn Heathcote #2

      Iskal you haven't made a vid in a month are you ok

      1. Patriot fan _

        He’s lazy

    28. Knorrieie123

      Hmm yes, vault hunters will not get in the way of the hermitcraft episodes

    29. Lexington Kirkland

      Might I ask where are all the hermits

    30. Aniruddho Banerjee

      May iskall rest in peace.

    31. zaney 21

      I think iskals dead

      1. Patriot fan _

        He’s lazy

    32. Michael O'Malley

      Wya iskall

    33. addixted

      I looked at his twitch account and he's only streaming another series, he forgot about us :'(

    34. alskupalsku 777


    35. Victor van Montfort

      Man stuck on the roof again?......

    36. Einat Hurvitz

      diorite is good!

    37. Adrian Nathan

      Where are man we miss you.

    38. Kaustubh Buddy

      Did he died ?

    39. Israel Cantu

      Is he Dead probably not

    40. Geo Beetus

      Sorry for being mean but seriously at least tell us what’s going on

    41. Snorlaxin Will

      Come back!

    42. Graham B

      Iskall just ignore the hate comments if you need a break from hermit craft you deserve it.

    43. Metalpaper

      Hallo,iskall,you alive

    44. Geo Beetus

      At first I was being considerate but now with zero updates or videos I’m just angry

    45. Geo Beetus


    46. Geo Beetus

      I checked his Twitter and he’s just doing vault hunters

    47. Geo Beetus

      Screw it I’m unsubscribed

    48. adam andersson

      no new vid in a month?

    49. Marcos Maurer

      ISKALL post a video and you better be doing a 100 days of mining for netherite

    50. Goldweight

      Been a month since the last vid😐

    51. Patriot fan _

      Can’t wait to wait another week just for a shitty 20 min video. If u take a month + break we deserve a video that’s at least a half hour. If we don’t get it, I’m disliking every video u post

      1. Geo Beetus

        Aggressive... dang

    52. strata dragon

      iskall is dead lok

    53. Family Connected Ministries

      Where are you? My kiddos are worried about you!

    54. Simonas Civilka

      My guy doesn't need to finish OMEGA TREE before 100 episodes if 100 episodes aren't coming 🤷‍♂️

    55. Addison Kohn

      Iskall the month ended add sense are back up you can upload again

    56. Mae Ang

      Iskall pls do hmit craft 79

    57. piyu


    58. Ibrahim Abdullah Khalid

      Where iskalan we have a crisis

    59. Geo Beetus

      Frick this I’m unsubscribing

    60. Ba11er_29

      Where has iskall gone

    61. Xavitar


    62. SavageLynel

      he is probably tiered and taking a long break. he deserves it.

      1. CycloneAdmin

        na hes playing vault hunters everyday, just neglecting hc

    63. liznerd

      Everyone: Where's Iskall? But nobody is asking how is iskall

    64. Danny Leenards

      Iskall you ok bro...

    65. Tom Neumann

      When will the next episode come out?

    66. MinimantheReyv


    67. MinimantheReyv


    68. MinimantheReyv


    69. Blade Griffin

      hey Iskall have you notice that you'd got your base back?

    70. Aiden Schneiderman


    71. Neetu Singh

      are u dead or what. u not uploaded since 1 month please u are my favorite yter. please say that u are not dead

      1. CycloneAdmin

        hes been playing vault hunters on twitch just neglecting hc rn

    72. Ethan Kuziela

      Iskall is waiting until beef wants to swap back so he doesn’t have to do anything

    73. Owen Biegelsen

      Dude please post soon I have waiting for soooooo long

    74. Daniel Weiss

      iskall is everything okay ? 1 Month an no new Video ! Im kinda worried about you ! Miss ya ma Boy

    75. Steijn dobbelaar

      Iskall could you please upload

    76. Knox Westmoreland

      Iskall: This is looking good! Also Iskall: Oh no this is looking very bad!

    77. Vortex 050

      Whereee is my favorite youtuber i didnt post in over a month!!!😩😩

    78. XtrueZ


    79. Geo Beetus

      Bro do you mind like I respect the grind but I’m missing out here give us an update or something

    80. wither boy

      Iskall we are waiting -_-

      1. pecado de orgullo

        @De bro skee ? I doubt he will.

      2. wither boy

        @De bro skee ? I hope so I know he sometimes goes for a month of rest

      3. De bro skee ?

        He will upload this week

    81. Reynold Wesley

      Post video pls

    82. Dev Shrivastava

      When will wa come back iskallman miss ya

    83. UV Gone Gaming

      When will you upload your next hermitcraft episode it’s been a month

    84. Nicoplayz Among us

      U should def make an op bonemeal farm to feed your tree farm

    85. Caleb Lovell

      where ya at iskall? imma go cheak you twitch to see when you were last live lol

    86. Hans Holo

      day 35. still no iskall.

    87. Mutantcannon81


    88. Cathers_4

      where are you

    89. Martin Kocian

      What happen to Iskall? anyone knows? Is he OK?

      1. Alireza Ahani

        He is ok. He was a bit burned out from HermitCraft. He is playing his modpack in twitch.

      2. Stefan Post

        He is fine this week or next week new ep

      3. Dreamery

        I dont know! Hes been gone so long! And beefs video makes me suspect something odd is going on

    90. GW NORM

      to everyone wondering why iskall is not uploading, he is still finishing the tree from like a month

    91. Brad T13

      Video 1 month ago. Where the vids at?

    92. CREEPER OP plays!!!

      are you from sweden bc is kall is a swedish word!

      1. CREEPER OP plays!!!

        @Leif Kellogg ok thanks!

      2. Flying In The Air

        @Kiblord that’s true

      3. Kiblord

        @Leif Kellogg I checked google translate and it said iskall is ice cold

      4. Leif Kellogg

        He is swedish. I don't know if that's where his name came from though.

    93. Ivo Cunha

      Hallo?! Did you die iskall?

      1. mr cheap

        He made a community post

    94. jordanalt

      Where’s iskall for the people like myself that don’t use twatter or instashit

      1. RioDoesThings 19

        He is on twitch

      2. mr cheap

        He made a community post

    95. CatcherVF

      Iskall u doin okay?

      1. mr cheap

        He made a community post

    96. Mutant Gamer

      Guys iskall is just stranded on a roof again...

      1. Leif Kellogg

        Bad things happen on that roof. If Mumbo doesn't save him there's no hope.

    97. Exwing

      gone for a month wow

    98. Time4Tash

      long ago the viewers watched together in harmony, but everything changed when the bad upload schedule attacked!!! only iskallMAN, master of uploading videos on time could stop it..but when the world needed him most,he vanished...

    99. markus noir

      Did I miss something? Why no video for a month? Hope you are well iskall.

      1. markus noir

        Okay, he earned it Thanks for the answer

      2. Doggy

        Hes taking a break to build back some creative ideas. He will be back eventually

      3. Void Treul

        hes fine just lazy

    100. Preston jones


      1. Doggy

        @Surfin456 7 I hope so

      2. Surfin456 7

        I think it means that they just prefer hermitcraft.

      3. Doggy

        Vault Hunters is great, it's my second favorite SMP after Hermitcraft