HermitCraft 7: 61 | MUMBO TAUNTED & CHANGED ME


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    HermitCraft 7: 61 | MUMBO TAUNTED & CHANGED ME iskall has been asked by MumboJumbo to do one thing 173 times, he finally does it, and it turns out to be a mega taunt. Iskall is also very... spooky...ed.
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    1. Æsir

      mullet building

    2. Aaron Lombard

      The rise of Keraliskall

    3. Poseidon Fan

      If you use it twice you become more spooky(ed)

    4. Abraham Napitupulu

      22:19 voice crack lol

    5. CptP2neapplez


    6. Annika Valverde

      You've got my Like for the space-trick!!!

    7. GreatMomentsWithHypo

      Iskall : pays 10 diamonds for day pass Iskall again : forgets to get any loot from the pass

    8. Pamela Yeow

      Iskall looks like a little kid with the different skin

    9. MaKenzie Brooks-Winkler

      Dustin Higgs

    10. Niamh Smith

      Is it just me or is spooky iskall adorible

    11. Fan of u

      Someone please count how many times he said “I’m an idiot, I deserve this face”

    12. Brian

      I hope the Mycelium Wins look at Grian's Videos Grass is Not Going TO WIN!!!

      1. Brian

        And What about Poztol?

    13. Jalen James

      am i the only one who’s never said kill two birds with one stone but rather take out or knock out two birds?

    14. Gabrielle AUBRY

      His face matches the dispenser/dropper.

    15. Ashton McCain

      Industrial district, Nah fam we going for a cat district

    16. Arth Patel

      4:41 I can’t breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Yeliab Nelluc

      Ok here me out grian and scar and Iskall and Mumbo play the newly weds game against each other

    18. Fredrik Ødegård

      did enyone see rhat he had a full shulker box of brick alredy

    19. JoMath 1729

      granite or grianite

    20. JkBoiDoom 360

      Bricks are in the chest at 8:27

    21. Andrew Sears

      My ceiling! ummm AKA myceilium Ok ill leave

    22. Gamer V

      just make yourself diorite too be spooky

    23. Paul Lessard

      Your voice sounds different in this video... IDK, maybe it's just me but it's like, sounds like you, but doesn't?! Yeah, I don't know... Just sayin'... lolz

    24. James Rainey

      look in thje back round of 3:43. Poor Mooshroom Cow

    25. som


    26. Axe Crusher Studios


    27. James Lin

      do it

    28. James Lin

      make a dirt restines

    29. Helene Andersen

      Is it just me or does he now look a little a bit like Peter from Family Guy with open mouth 😅

    30. ThinTer femtep


    31. 3D_NeonTea

      “Well I guess now..we be sPoOkY”-iskall85 2020

      1. 3D_NeonTea

        2:14 lol

    32. JoAnna Morris

      19:45 You should remove ONE of the slabs on each corner so It’s sort of a circle, or you can do some stairs

    33. James Vermillion

      anyone else notice the bricks he missed at 8:27

    34. jullian jaize cuevas

      You can only use it ones dude

    35. Anna Åberg

      industrial train station for the carts

    36. Gaafdovjun Gaming

      that obviously was not a leak

    37. Fitszy

      okay... the spacebar on the villager trading just changed my life...

    38. Nikolas Bischoff

      Creeper building, i think you mean creeper HQ.

    39. Ahmed Elsayed

      Guess what mumbo invited me to hermitcraft but I said no cause I was too thiCCCC

    40. Vibe Checker

      Iskall: Heep Grian: _HIAP_

    41. hatman &MONSTER

      Iskalls spooky face looks like his real-life face

    42. YOUR - DEAD

      Is it just me or is there a bit of his left eye popping out on his Halloween skin

    43. Smilee Smiles

      Guess what . Main thing of this season is grass growing

    44. Crytal Park

      What is wrong with youtube im getting video notification from 5 days ago that i already watch😂😂😂

    45. Devil Soup


    46. Andrew & Erin Aquino-Carhart

      Lol Iskall, my dude... How do you not have a beacon in your industrial district??

    47. cloud 0 i guess?


    48. Havi Jim

      Poor iskall he didn’t see the fine print

    49. Donovan Hu


    50. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    51. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    52. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    53. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    54. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    55. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    56. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    57. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    58. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

    59. BuilderBro

      Join The Dream SMP plz

      1. General Grievous

        Bruh he doesn't even know dream he just doesn't fit there

    60. moneyhalt

      Actually it is kinda cute

    61. Rori Vickers

      Hello! I am a lover of hermitcraft and have always wanted to have a server similar to it. I am looking to start a server. If you are also a lover of Minecraft and hermitcraft and are interested in being a part of a server please contact me through my discord. I am looking for people who are serious about it and will play 4 or more hours a week. Please contact at rawri#4207 on discord for more information and qualifications.

    62. iKneel4Loki

      That moment when iSkall says "and you are a mason" but you hear "and you are amazing"

    63. Tpaat


    64. Dany Nadeau

      Ok, I have ask. Iskall's spookified face... Am I the only one who sees Peter Griffin there? Maybe if you squint your eyes?

    65. Hollow Knight

      Iskall 2020: wHy YOu dO MaGic trICk

    66. Cancer Bed

      Doctor: Pogskall isn't real it can't hurt you Pogskall:

    67. arce_9

      Lol mumbo lemony

    68. Narin Lao

      Iskall: “Wait, is this a giant llama?” Grain: ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

    69. DJEndermanYT___

      Why does it say ep 62 was 1 day ago

    70. Domtuber

      he didnt go to page 40 in the spook chamber book, sad

    71. Owen Armstrong

      Please do More industrial district videos like this

    72. WiggletonTheWise

      Cutiefication am I right

    73. Cemberino

      Hey Iskall, next time you get a new PC you might want to consider moving your storage devices to the new one. It's doubtless not going to be too difficult to do and it might save time on setup.

    74. Kati Dube

      Iskall: I have the most farms in hermitcraft Mumbo: No I do Impulse: Amateurs

    75. Kati Dube

      Mumbo: I suspect Iskall put the mustache but it could have been any Hermit Iskall: That is where you messed up my friend

    76. Stephen Klein

      You should outline all of the lamps with the material/color of the farm, i.e. Creeper Farm Lime and Black Concrete, Sugar Cane Farm Lime colored block, Tree Farm Leaves, and Logs, etc. You get the point.

    77. Fusilie Fusi

      Almost fell off my chair, laughing so hard about Iskalls spookified face xD

    78. Ender Kitty

      Every time I hear the cats meow I just wanna go into hermitcraft and build em little houses by the walls or something as creeper repellants but they also have a home

    79. Pawluz

      When Iskall was trying to get Bricks he opened a shimmer box with brick LOL

    80. Blue_ Blossom85

      Sometimes it pains me to see how hermits are so unknowing on what’s going on...lol

    81. Elliane Rain

      That spookification chamber spooked the beard off Iskal's face o.o

    82. Raven

      that skin is cursed..

    83. kageyama

      hi weebs so creeper through wall at industrial district: **insert guren no yumiya**

      1. Sebastian Duque Murcia

        sie sind das essen und wir sind der jager...

    84. Rainier Panganiban

      This iskall's skin looks so cuteeee and also gives a Keralis aura.

    85. Liara Cochran

      Why not have the minecart pic up the shulker boxes of logs?

    86. Minecraft_Evan2008

      Spookedification chamber

    87. Mr. Recinos

      Omega spoked

    88. Vratko Benda

      ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT, Iskall, ALWAYS. Don't skip it.

    89. Ahlvee_playz

      Hehe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahahaha 😂🤣

    90. laugh at it

      Anybody Think that iskall should have a mycelium merch?

    91. 8D29 Chi Hang Jacob WONG

      Did someone lose their child?

    92. ItzZal


    93. Smarggle Muffin


    94. Geekygrl 10


    95. Addison Ruffing

      What was that weird blue orb thing in Iskalls chest at 7:30?

      1. Dark zero801

        A heart of the sea

    96. Looney Cloud 61


    97. Jacob Overbeek

      18:32 him: the only option is to take this ALL down... and rebuild it... me: eh ill just live with it

    98. Rylan Brosh

      11:45 who else noticed the music from Fun Run?

    99. JJ

      Mumbo: makes anything that even slightly looks like a face. Iskall: hallo Bumbo!

    100. Ashy Baked BeanZ

      2:51 this pocess is not currently reversable always read the fine print