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    HermitCraft 7: 60 | LEAFING HERMITCRAFT iskalls OMEGA Tree house base needs leafing, Bernie and the Hedge games concludes, and, it's a matter of principle.
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    1. Iohannes


    2. Zeneto Kid


    3. Xardan Gaming

      Yes.. It was.. Just rendog... 😏😏😏

    4. Anders Holst Dahl


    5. ArnoK2009 :3

      IM watching this video on april first hahaah

    6. Ditlev Kristensen

      I Think it Can be either Ren or Stress. Totally not knowing it from the future

    7. Charlie Allfree

      Ren he got help from grian

    8. Legendary_ 0

      Grian and rendog

    9. call6450 call6450


    10. Katie Liggett

      He didn't mention that the first place trophie has dirt in it

    11. James Wallman

      iskall do quick maths. 4:57

    12. Spazrocket Gaming

      I guessed Xisuma would win for no real reason.

    13. Thomas Ball

      You got me man. There’s only 2 people like me! :)

    14. weir_gaming

      You got me Iskall

    15. Noa Arriesgado

      Iskall: I got 3 people right Fans: Yep totally got 3 people Iskall, well done

    16. Brady Walker

      Iskall: LEAF! I said LEAF! HAHAHAHAHA Xisuma enters the room: Actually Iskall, after that I'm going to have to deliver some regretful news...

    17. Nodis Bear

      :( what do u mean leaf

    18. Leon Prados


    19. Kayne15

      I am monkey

    20. Samarth Patil

      Grian rendog

    21. wolfarmy 679

      grian prob

    22. Isaac Dulaney


    23. Aldo Hilpert

      grian and ren

    24. Lee Pratt

      Iskall: *puts on tropical fish head* Iskall: I AM MAD! Me: *Falls out of chair through laughter* HAHAHAHAHA!

    25. Lee Pratt

      I think Cleo

      1. Lee Pratt

        It was clearly Rendog

    26. HS Films

      Rendog won I’m guessing

    27. James Smith

      I have a feeling grian or cub will win.

    28. LovedAxe63

      Noone: Iskall: * uses gold BLOCKS as scaffold *

    29. MaKenzie Brooks-Winkler

      Night Stalker

    30. Juliano Lotero


      1. Juliano Lotero

        I know I am a couple months late to the episode but I legit guessed this.

    31. Htoo Myat Min Oo

      If hermitcraft sever dose't have fire tick off iskall mega tree maybe burn down right now

    32. Katie Smith


    33. Destroyer

      When will Iskall leaf these puns behind

    34. TraverseIce

      9:11 I had a heart attack the first time I watched Especially bc of the sad music

    35. Dankykang

      I convulsed and almost died when I saw him open the gold box

    36. Sunita Mandal

      Ren and grian won

    37. ToxicBullets

      Obviously iskall85 won! He donated like a million shovels!

    38. Gabe J Revill


    39. Gabe J Revill

      Iskall be thy park or mastor


      just one fire and its all gone

    41. Ryan Lee


    42. NightDemon 25

      15:48 you can tell this will be in at least one intro

    43. Earl Jared Mariano

      Did you know that Grian is teaming up with Rendog SOo I think they cheeted I just watch it (just saying)

    44. Kathryn Leaman

      Who's heart also dropped when he said he's leafing the hermitcraft server?

    45. Tara Mishra

      Iskall is the only hermit I know who keeps an ENCHANTED Flint and Steel in their inventory all the time (I think)

    46. FatHenForaging

      grian rendog

    47. L. S.

      9:06 I swear I believed that for At least 10 sec. and I was about to cry🤦

    48. Archie Jones

      Iskall!!! You actually got me, I literally gasped!

    49. Diya Naran

      I am sad,he is leaving hermitcraft 😭

    50. Japan Mapping

      Iskall: oh no oh no oh no no no no no Me: *thinking about the 'oh no song'*

    51. Asphöjden Karlstad


    52. Abbie Holland


    53. NZB Gamer

      Rent and grian

    54. AirPrime Cat

      Ren and Grian

    55. Polly Dowdle

      I think the redstone box was with your villagers in the starter base? you've probs already found it tho.

    56. Kenan Nalli

      grian and scar?

    57. yeetos


    58. Платон Кобыляцкий

      This is funny and all, but i actually almost chocked with my chicken, when u said that ur leafing

    59. MEGA OMEGA3471

      He realy got me

      1. MEGA OMEGA3471

        I thought it was ep 100 and he did not have the tree done Then I relisef

    60. DoMovies

      pls, someone tell me how to make minecraft look this good?

    61. Arth Patel

      Scars landscaping job should’ve been finishing your tree XD

    62. Arth Patel

      It’s gotta be grian and ren. And I totally haven’t already watched grians video on this...

    63. Ladies In Lab Coats

      I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    64. Ladies In Lab Coats


    65. Angela Evans


    66. PJ Drysdale

      *uses gold blocks as scaffolding*

    67. Marko

      He should make small tree on top of omega tree

    68. sadsolar

      One single lighting strike...

    69. Dragon killer

      You are mad but you are not mad as mumbo

    70. Spirit Yoshino

      I swear after Season 7 is done, he is gonna be natural at building organically.

    71. Cow

      Rendog being the last to be seen made it a lot better

    72. thepetemcgeet

      Grain and rendog

    73. ShadowReaper

      What’s slime is it iskallium :)

    74. rommel vitug


    75. rommel vitug


    76. rommel vitug

      Why you cant do it

    77. Angel Rose

      Yo what if he made the tree a hotel

    78. Lady.Whatever

      Me: reading the title Me: HA! That's bs

    79. Casual Gamer

      you are mumbo jumbo with an accent

    80. That Guy

      Beleaf me

    81. waheeda Shah

      Title: leafing hermit craft Me who read it as leaving hermit craft:panic

    82. SoapyHehe

      You read the title wrong

    83. Sharpswordxj

      Imagine having a bee and honey farm in the shape of a hanging nest.

    84. Jake Pyrah

      When he said, "leafing Hermitcraft" it threw me off because of his Swedish accent so it sounded like he was leaving hermitcraft

    85. Tariq Al bdour

      40 hours I would take 40 days

    86. Uchenna Holder

      Crazy idea: What if you made the tree based on seasons? And add a bunch of saplings everywhere?

    87. Davis Hansen

      Sometimes I forget hermitcraft is done in survival

    88. Samuel Lampe

      Xisuma I hope

    89. Hiked Deadline


    90. トダロキ

      He got me I was legit in tears when he said he was gonna be leaf-ing phew

    91. Chris Jackson

      All the hermits are having trouble showcasing their bases because they are all so massive this season

    92. Satinder Athwal

      Grian and rent he dog

    93. Marco Martin Martinez

      I thought he said he was leaving hermitcraft lmao

    94. som


    95. Untalked

      Är ditt skin inspererat av Daidalos Labyrint på Bolinomba?

    96. StureBeats

      I actually thought you would leave Hermitcraft

    97. Max Ferguson

      I love the leaf puns

    98. Giancarlo Ugarte

      someone turn the first 1 second of the episode into a hallo song plz

    99. Brady Campbell

      You got me when you said you were going to "leaf" the server, I thought you said "leave".

    100. Brady Campbell

      ren and grian i bet.