Welcome to my FIblock channel, as a proud member of HermitCraft, founder of FoolCraft and member of the MSI Gaming Team, I enjoy playing videeeo games!

MSI Iskallium CUBE
Intel i7-8700k
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z370
Mouse: Steel Series Rival 700 (400 dpi)
Keys: Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard (non-mech)

Microphone: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Playclaw
Editing: Vegas

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  1. Blazingboy77 Gaming

    Iskall: it’s really interesting playing this much minecraft without using an elytra *me a og player: no, not really.*

  2. DeathMagic †

    Someone made a tutorial of this farm and I built a modified version of it that had the killing area in the sky. Both this and mine especially look like lungs and the Guardians are a bit like corona so sorry for reminding you all but I just had to say it.

  3. Cheyenne Pepper

    So happy I started watching more of the hermits !!! I used to watch Mumbo, and then Grian, and now I’ve started watching more!

  4. Game Boy


  5. Joseph E Vose

    What lives in a guardian temple under the Minecraft sea, sponge rooms sponge rooms.

  6. Jordan Little

    The stream was super fun! To anyone wondering iskall will be attempting to stream more hermitcraft soon!

  7. isak halkinrud


  8. MasterColin

    white and pink

  9. MattyB3ast

    Really sad Iskall missed the pun of "Clearing an Ocean Monument is pretty hard, some might say it's Monumental."

  10. Mr MentalGaming

    Omega guardian farm... OF DOOM!!!

  11. Aaron Sengdara

    Hey guys, you only need to fill a space with water with columns or corners

  12. Rita Maru

    600GB worth of storage for 1 video....iskall, you are a legend

  13. Håvard Melstveit-vigre

    Iskall, når du bruker kelp trenger du ikke å ta de over alt bare på to av sidene sånn, sidene må henge i lag, håpe du fatte norsk siden du e svensk 😁

  14. Barney Macfadyen

    It looks like a pair of lungs, which is ironic since they are filled with water

  15. Jed Scholten

    The fact that the “budget door” didn’t have any water really got me 😂 Comedy gold.

  16. Tom Stephen

    I felt nostalgic for that farm design, and I didn't even watch Season 6... . . . . . . . . . . . Yeah, I built that farm nevertheless half of year ago, and this is why, but phsst, it's still weird to feel nostalgic

  17. CeNedra Lea Heldra

    Do you have a full tutorial on this. Looks epic?

  18. Ian Rolfe

    Stop the recipe toasts with "/recipe give @p *"

  19. BillyBob's YT

    Hallo iskall85, I'd like to thank you for gifting me a tier 1 sub to Pete and to show you how thankful I am I'll be attempting to leave this comment on every single one of your videos :)

  20. JRandle

    the world is not ready for the day that an Iskall video doesn't start with HALLOO!!

  21. Chloe Blunk


  22. Ruby G

    me watching 20 minutes of Iskall making a guardian farm pretending i understand: my brain: the heck is this guy on about?!

  23. Bevji

    I love how we finally got a tutorial of this farm! 😍

  24. WowweCrafter Gaming

    The support around the ice spikes could work but not with the yellow. I would recommend white or maybe like cyan glass or cyan concrete but white glass could look really good.

  25. Dennissius

    Iskall, didn't you use string in your season 6 guardian farm to improve spawn rates?

  26. Estatic Ethan 175

    Iskall has finally sing a sea Shanty this episode

  27. asdfnio fanuia fabuiohui

    Iskall.... Kelp turns flowing water into source water. Flowing water isn't just water that flows down, it can flow in any direction

  28. henri


  29. CheddarDonut54


  30. SnowSite 23

    They look like a pair of lungs

  31. Demolicious


  32. Caesar Julius

    20:55 Yes...that is, indeed, a very big *record*

  33. John Power

    Trident killer

  34. BkillerJ

    When he first said tanks I was thinking military tanks lol

  35. Travelling guys

    Bro you need to place fence gate over top and water on the top of fence gate

  36. Ivy System

    I just noticed that iskall uses a 3080 to play minecraft

  37. Mr. Rodrick

    I'm pretty sure you can put kelp on soul sand

  38. Mr. Grantelkade

    interesting trick i noticed while building elavators, kelp actually grows on soulsand too... so you could have just placed that in the first place instead of dirt.

  39. Clarrance Seah

    2:43 was seriously awaiting him to say "clearing an ocean monument like this is no small task.... i would even argue that it is a MONUMENTAL task" sigh .... at least he made a monumental pun later on

  40. István Szikra

    I remember a noob on Hermitcraft saying after many trips to an ocean monument "I should have built a nether portal"... then continued by making furnaces and putting sponges into them instead of building a portal to dry the sponges out in the nether. ...but I don't remember who it was. :) What a noob! Right Iskall? ;)

  41. Nikos 1001

    -Me trying to understand how to make this farm= :-) -My brain trying to understand how to make this farm= ......

  42. Cee Craft

    Spunches <3

  43. Agnibha Hota

    23:35 timed comments

  44. Ratzy

    Stop saying fishes, it's fish, fishes is not a word

  45. DJDidABad ?

    Am i the only person who loves how iskall says "Ah ha"

  46. jo.mangold

    nice vid

  47. Kirri Vikebakk

    Iskall says fishes the same way as Gollum does

  48. Sir Sluginston

    7:49 Looks more like Iskall: 1 Water: 2

  49. Hannabel Phaege

    Oh nice, the big glass trousers are back

  50. Vajira Wimalaratne

    I love the time lapse music!!👍

  51. darknessblade

    Etho: Hey iskall i spend a bit too much,. we're in severe debt, i had to make 14,400 IOU's {a shulker full of IOU's}

  52. else toy reviews with tharanya and dinush

    Iskall btw you can use campfires to kill the guardians as well

  53. krazyrapdude

    I feel like Iskall is slowly turning into a Minecraft villager with all the noises he makes during the jump cuts.

  54. Noah Stehle

    You can wear armour while invisible, without being attacked 👍😉 Iskall . Nice vid as always

  55. cillicat

    A cuardian collection I really liked eas to drop them on glass panes and put a waterstream + item filter below. It is lossless and can keep up easily with a lot of guardians 😊

  56. Alice Petal

    iskall you can wear your helmet with an invis potion and the guardians wont see you :D

  57. danny wilcock

    Did you know you can have unlimited potions if you drip water into a cauldron with a potion in and a spike above

  58. That one Minecraft YouTuber

    iskall: a around about 10 hours to make the sand box me: it took me a week to do the same thing

  59. U M A T T E R

    @7:11 the ocean will remember this when you jump off something high and forget your elytra, again. hahaha :')

  60. runexheart

    Spongetime Iskallpants.

  61. JCO

    Kelp strategy on Soulsand - would save you a LOT of work

  62. McClucka

    amazing episode iskall please make longer videos 30-40mins <3

  63. Joss Allen Dela Cruz

    Silly iskall, doesn't know about leather boots and brute forced his way through xD

  64. Nicolas Deroose

    hey Iskal, you don't need to use kelp for every block! You can just cover the ground and two walls with source block ^-^

  65. ࣭

    You really need to start recording timelapse footage at 1fps

  66. Sil Jonker

    I build this farm aswell it works amazing thank you iskall for rebuilding this from s6

  67. starcluster


  68. gfuxi

    Iskall's interpretation of a sandbox game 😂

  69. Kate Kyra

    Amazing video! I now have new motivation to build a guardian farm on our server :DD

  70. Cute Panda

    I never knew watching someone dismantle an ocean monument could be this satisfying.

  71. Jenny Wakeman

    Sponges. Sponges everywhere. SpongeBob wasn't kidding around with Iskall.

  72. Hector Streams er bedst

    Why does the farm look like pen** ?

  73. Ben Townsend

    Iskall, I think if you kelp only two sides of the square, it will automatically fill in the rest, so you dont have to kelp the whole square.

  74. Alana Vanallen

    the fact that you can do this for hours and not at all get tired of doing this is TRUE dedication

  75. Nugget

    Iskall being impressively productive, what a rare occasion let's appreciate him

  76. Just_ d00dle

    "Anything looks better with leaves" acookiegod in disguise

  77. usman hafiz


  78. Suse Guilherme

    I like when you show how your farms work. Thank you!