Welcome to my FIblock channel, as a proud member of HermitCraft, founder of FoolCraft and member of the MSI Gaming Team, I enjoy playing videeeo games!

MSI Iskallium CUBE
Intel i7-8700k
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z370
Mouse: Steel Series Rival 700 (400 dpi)
Keys: Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard (non-mech)

Microphone: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Playclaw
Editing: Vegas

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  1. Rebound FC

    When the title is like that you know the video is gonna be AMAZING

  2. Kittin9459 RTC

    What dare did this man loose to have to change his name to BiG tOe MaNnY?

  3. Aussie Pigeon Man

    The Australian football looks a bit weird. That ain’t Aussie Football

  4. Exquisite Dragon gaming

    III love how hE is oN episode 79 and ren is only oN ep 37

  5. hellokittyfsn

    my heart skipped a beat when i saw the charrot there 🍗🍗🍗

  6. usmile

    I can't believe it's been a year...

  7. Requiem

    17:34 BEEFskal awwwww 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  8. Jack Walker

    I miss vault hunters updates...

  9. OrdinalBroadcast

    F for Gerald.

  10. seymour47

    Honestly, I saw Vault Hunters as a way to squeeze more donations out of the viewers. That mod pack is literally designed to pique viewers gambling tendencies and frankly I think it's a giant scam.

  11. Zachary McPhee

    When I enter vaults on my own server enemies inside have netherite swords with sharpness five. I tried to watch this to get some tips but this playthrough is not displaying nearly the same level of difficulty.

  12. Teenage Baker

    What is his upload schedule!!!!!????

  13. EASsirenVids 01

    You forgot about basil

  14. Iohannes


  15. Chase Hollingsworth

    It’s easier to use tnt to collect sand :P

  16. Melissa Arconti

    super super late squade

  17. DarliSs Ss

    i’be been waiting a month for this......

  18. Supernova32

    Weird to think this was 1 year ago...

  19. Gaming Kelly Pro von Wielligh

    gist to let you nou that you alwes mencin that your poor

  20. Billy Austin

    Casually throwing the wings in the lava made me sad.....

  21. BamSoyle

    The first floor looks sick bro but it’d look better being layered w different styles yk, bottom floor ocean themed then top floor be the beach

  22. Loeke -

    iskall in the aquarium reminded me of that scene from nemo

  23. Máté Róbert Mészáros

    iskall, why don't You light up the nooks and crannies? that way no need to fear the mean greens :D Also, I love the pink ceiling - it looks like a sunset - especially with the sun-evator!

  24. Exquisite Dragon gaming

    Did anyone Else notice that when iskall SAW the t-shirt that Said poggers hE Said hallo which is the other tsirth

  25. identity crisis tf2 pyro

    Some would call them adventurers,others call them fools. I like to call them,Vault Hunters

  26. Indie Jepson

    Lol chain

  27. Daniel Nelson

    You hermits should make a falling block duplicator it would save you ages for concrete and sand

  28. Molly Hicks

    If I wasn't so late to watch this season, I would have suggested that you burn the diorite aka pesky bird poop in your thing at the gold/xp farm.

  29. Molly Hicks

    Okay so, I'm not sure if this is a thing alot of people know, but, I NEVER KNEW YOU COULD DYE SIGNS OMG MY MINECRAFT LIFE IS A TOTAL LIE lol

  30. 67 Alaska

    Making a building with diamond ore is awesome! I like this build!

  31. Iohannes

    Is it only me that turns playback speed to 2x whenever a time-lapse is played

  32. SteamTitan

    gah their working without figuring out what the other is doing drives me batty

  33. Josh Davis

    Hermits helping Hermits? Maybe???

  34. Michelle Armer

    Iskall is too generous he should put a little less

  35. MelodyGoPlay

    Grian's skin looks so cute without the armor... aww!

  36. Iohannes

    Vid starts at 4:04

  37. Zay

    POV: You came from the animation titled "He can, he can!" and are trying to find the part where the piglin picks up the gold 9:46

  38. dolita windo

    Mumbo and Iskall making Mega Shops at the last moment and no one using it

  39. Royal_Guard

    For the back of the machine can you put some pride flags for lgbtqia+? its okay if you dont I just thinki itll look really cool

  40. Nicoplayz Among us

    Iskall ur content is lacking man.... u just put in two floors this whole episode. U got a million subs.... keep working hard man.

    1. Selena Josephine

      I com0letely agree

  41. Uri delosSantos

    how about putting clouds in the ceiling (as chandeliers maybe)?

    1. dolita windo

      G8 video dude, I'd use the cyan concrete to do a shadow palm tree in the ceilings of the Pacific tower

  42. Jude guy

    Great so see ur back iskall

  43. Jillian Slot

    Maybe change the gray to white

  44. Jillian Slot

    If you want to add a bit of difference in each floor, you could try using campfires as walkway

  45. Jillian Slot

    Could you make the floor like an island? Oh he did Big brain

  46. Kilson X

    RIP Gerald

  47. Kryptic YT

    I hate the end rods on the floors of pacific. I think iskall should replace that end rods with tiki torches.

  48. Ford Clarke

    The fact that this is already from a year ago makes me feel old

  49. Sara Robotham

    Piglins go BOOM! 💥

  50. Aubrie Dressler

    Iskall named an orange tabby tiger as my orange tabby tiger came up to me... universe??


    You should put string instead of blocks to hold the sand

  52. Orange

    Why dont they build together like they did for sahara? There would be no confusion

  53. Metin Eren SarıgüL

    get grian on the pacific crew

  54. a little of something

    I'm kinda worried iskall broke the redstone o~o

  55. Ubergold YouTuber

    Try the chisel and bits mod

  56. Brucester

    Have the whole server help you one day place leaves

  57. Xardan Gaming

    Iskall: (rejects the Resistance ) Also iskall: MYCELIUM FOR LIFE

  58. Khash K

    We missed u

  59. Finley Bates

    'less is more' Mrs. Iskall The English Teacher has entered the chat

  60. realcode_ realkreek1

    I just realized grian and Brian are 1 letter different :0

  61. MrTwitchie

    I've binged all of this series in 2 days after watching mumbos version and wow man, u r very talented at building in this game IskallMaaaannn. Good job man :)

  62. Gerben Vanelderen

    did he just predict bumbo baggins season 7?

  63. Podkriznik

    Those are the shopping modules, you pay downstairs (deposit your coins).

  64. madmonk 31

    G8 video dude, I'd use the cyan concrete to do a shadow palm tree in the ceilings of the Pacific tower

  65. Shaurya D

    Now he has 1.5 Million now

  66. KhillikiaLea W

    Welcome back Iskall.

  67. Kim Joon-Joon

    Iskall be spacing out Hermitcraft videos so Episode 100 will be further and he has more tims to work on the Omega Tree (of doom). (but seriously, i'm so happy Iskall's back, i forgot to watch it right after the release though, sorry)

  68. Rexy Axy


  69. flamerdylan

    I can’t believe how far the mega tree has gotten

  70. Coders United


  71. IamKae

    We not gonna talk about that villager noise?

  72. Eli McClellan

    Part of me thinks that he hasn't uploaded in so long because he wanted to get his tree back, so he could finish it in time.

  73. Molly Hicks

    Iskall: *trys to shoot bat* haha! That was an awesome shot! Me: you didn't even hit it lol

  74. Exquisite Dragon gaming

    Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds ,diamonds, diamonds, diamonds diamondsssssssssssss, diamondas

  75. Josiah Rutledge

    15:58 iskall takes three rockets just to kill one skeleton

  76. Molly Hicks


  77. Shaun Nolder

    Good to see you again. I like the design of Pacifics floors. Maybe do a sunrise/ sunset color fade for the ceilings?

  78. Ch Sa

    Pink? More like light red lol

  79. HaxTheCharizard x Team Reloaded

    "30cm is a big plushie!" Me, who has a 64cm tall Shadow The Hedgehog plushie: "say what now?"